The Unified Spacememory Network

Fractal-holographic being

Since time is distance in space, time is memory on the structure of space. Without memory, there is no time. Without time, there is no memory. It then follows that the energy that we perceive as the material world must be information, or energy on the structure of space.” – Nassim Haramein

We generally assume that the concept of time is a physical reality in our universe, yet in the physics communities the accuracy of this assumption is often debated. Einstein himself never saw the phenomenon of time as a separate fourth dimension, and indeed, physicists seem to achieve much greater precision in their calculations based on four dimensions of space.

axis of timeIn the fractal-holographic universe time, as such, does not really exist. There is only this moment in space – this unique configuration of information. Events seem to occur in an orderly fashion because the fractal dynamics of space unfolds in a sequential feed-back loop of information. It is precisely this recursive mathematics which is typical of fractals; new structure builds upon previous structure. The present therefore, is information past that “pushes” us forward. In other words, time is the memory of space. For this reason nothing really ever disappears. As the fractal of spacetime unfolds in four dimensions of space, information from the “past”, i.e. preceding fractal information sequences, remains unchanged, fixed in a unique geometric point in four dimensional space, where it continues resonating within present reality. Thus we may surmise that “future” information too is implicitly stored in the holographic vacuum field. This unified field contains all possible information from all possible pasts and futures, and all angles, perspectives, variations and alternate realities thereof. The only thing that is happening is that we are continually changing our perspective, realizing ever new potentials of this infinite holographic field.

vortexDue to the natural torque of spacetime the world of matter is organized into spirals within spirals: the electron around the atom, the earth around the sun, the sun around the galaxy, the galaxy within its supercluster, our universe in a larger universe and so on. However, as everything is moving in the same direction in the 4th dimension (i.e. “the arrow of time”) every single bit of information may be traced to the exact geometric point in four dimensional space in which it was encoded. Taking this line of reasoning one step further, there is actually nothing that is “moving” at all: when you move your arm it happens on a planet moving around the sun at 20 km per second, in a solar system moving around the galaxy at 220 km/s, in a galaxy moving through space at 1000 km/s, in a supercluster moving though intergalactic space, in a universe that moves in a larger universe and so on, ad infinitum. All speeds combined this constitutes a rate of motion equal to the speed of light! This elegantly brings us back to the holographic nature of reality; matter arise from an interference pattern of light, light is information and the universe is like a holofractographic film with a frame rate of Planck-speed. The topology of space, its continual implosion/expansion, and its implicit fractal geometry defines new configuration of information every moment, as the electrons of every atom pops in and out of the zero point field. Therefore, it may be useful to approach reality exclusively in terms of holographic information fields, or space-memory, and fractal geometry. The geometry defines the information, forming layers of order and harmony in a non-local holographic field of abstract quantum bits, by determining their various scales, dimensions and angles of perspective. The qualities of information processing, organization and synchronization of information based on current situation is something we usually associate with intelligence. In other words, the universe may easily be defined as a unified, super intelligent living entity that expresses and explores an infinite information potential through endless fractalization of itself.


Every gravitational field is centered by a black hole. At the core of the Earth we will some day discover a black hole the size of a marble; a fractal hub moving in a spiral through spacetime while organizing subordinate information in its vast toroidal Gravtiation/Electromagnetic field. On this journey through the cosmos each individual on the surface of this planet follows a unique path through four dimensions of space-time, and therefore encodes information from their own unique perspective. While this means that we all have differing experiences of reality, our impressions are simultaneously collectively anchored in a common geometric point: the black hole singularity of the earth. The singularity, or its event horizon, defines the collective sum of information absorbed from its unique vantage point and forms a comprehensive parametric framework defining our collective consensus reality – relative to other scalar dimensions. These relative geometric points forms patterns of resonance in the holographic field which determines the way in which reality, matter/energy, manifests on our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, our universe.

This planetary hub hosts a wealth of information about everything within its field of resonance, its morphogentic field – Earth´s perspective on reality. We can imagine that a planetary hub such as this operates on a fractal level higher than the individuals residing on its surface, and learning processes can be said to assume a more collective form. Meanwhile, the Earth itself can be seen as an individual in a larger context, in much the same way as individual cells are part of the collective of the body. In reality, information itself is non-local and universally available, yet the relative geometric coordinates of each black hole horizon makes explicit indefinite subjective realities (versions) of the yet undefined information potential. That is why, objectively speaking, there is no “Earth” nor “people” on “Earth” – this is nothing but pure information/energy given form by our own subjective perspectives on reality. One may call it our geometric point of identity. The Earth is a relative geometric perspective that Reality is observing itself through, and so are people as well. The only thing that distinguishes one individual from another is their perspective, their geometric point in space, from which they observe themselves. For this reason our original identity, as universal being, is ever free from all its geometric vantage points.

tetrafractalYet this form of fractal organization allows universal synchronization and organization of information, and local experiences and evolution of unique, subjective perspectives, both individually and collectively. Each hub dictates certain parameters for its underlying system, thereby allowing non-linear (random), unpredictable processes within a linear, deterministic framework. The holographic field holds no preference for what is manifested, or made explicit, from its endless implicit potential – this follows naturally from the cyclic feed-back processes within each individual system. Nevertheless, the fractal dimension above always sets the parameters for its subordinate information below. The Human perspective is subordinate to ceratain realities defined respectively by level of the Earth – Sun – galactic nucleus – universe and so on. In principle, our own heart serves as a kind of “biophysical sun” which sustains the electromagnetic flow of information between subordinate cells in the body. Collectively these cells generates your subjective individual experience (or the cells collective experience) of the universe. People exists as completely separate individuals within their own subjective universe and simultaneously they contribute to the evolution of our collective consciousness and shared understanding of reality itself. The whole thing is a seamless collaboration in order to process information from innumerable unique angles. Each fractal hub, from atom to universe, is an individual its own right, in the sense that it has a unique geometric perspective within Totality itself. Our Human experience of life, our body, our mind, the reality that is expressed and processed on planet Earth, in this solar system, in this galaxy, in this universe, is just another pattern in the infinite holographic medium – an expression of our current understanding of reality, which, ultimately, will evolve to completely new forms.

On this basis we can also better understand the variety and complexity of biological life. Life forms are actually fractal branches of spacetime itself, given form and function based on underlying fractal geometry and resonance in the holographic information field. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake was a pioneer in the conceptualization of these primal fields. Given the immense complexity of biological organisms he recognized the need for a comprehensive “archetype”, an underlying holographic energy template, dictating the holistic form and function of each specimen. Sheldrake believes the formation of organisms originates in implicit non-local morphogenetic fields, which provides guidelines for the organism’s morphology (formation). In the context of the fractal-holographic world view it is emphasized that biological life forms are mainly electrical systems, and their low-frequency electromagnetic resonance with the vacuum fluctuations imposes specific patterns in otherwise random processes enabling the formation of the organism.

Spiral fractal

Based on this fractal can we visualize space-time development and evolution through different biological expression. Each new branch, for example. be it a kingdom, an order, a species or an individual of a given biological system.

Information is organized in both local and collective “memory fields” that follows biological species, storing species ideals and dictate the morphology of individual biological systems. Each species has a distinct holographic morphogenetic field formed by its fractal unfolding through four dimensional space. The Human family is but one of the countless branches on this four-dimensional Tree of Life. Each individual within a given species also has its own morphogenetic field, and is simultaneously part of the species’ field as a whole. Biological life forms are the frontier of a fractal branching through space, extensions of space-time through which reality gathers and expresses information about its current geometric position. A fractal branch unfolds through four dimensional space, and during its unfoldment certain parameters are programmed into the morphogentic field of the species it represents.Fractal-holographic being An elephant looks like an elephant and behaves like an elephant because it crystallizes from a specific memory pattern in space-time with all the laws that apply to elephants; form, behavior, thoughts, etc. Organisms are self-organizing systems that inherit the structural memories of previous systems in the same fractal branch. The defining laws of any given system is therefore more like habits in the universe; temporary parameters providing a structural framework for experience, expression and evolution. Each individual follows their own four-dimensional spiral trajectory through space, and grows forth from a resonant field in which the individual’s form, thoughts and patterns are programmed. At the same time all individuals contribute to the programming of the collective memory and evolution of the species. Thus intelligence itself, and the mind’s ability for abstract reasoning, does not necessarily belong to the individual biological system, but may be understood as the result of this underlying non-local information field. The same may be true of memory: our brains behave much like electromagnetic transceivers which may be able to tune into our own resonance points left behind in four dimensional space. Yet, as both past and future are but resonance imprints and unrealized potential, they are both subject to your geometric perspective of the present moment, and may change and rearrange according to your ever new position in the cosmic fractal.

The morphogenetic field is not limited to planets with biological systems, but is a fundamental feature of the fractal-holographic universe; it is but a categorization of the zero point field. Ultimately we are dealing with a seamless system of absolute intelligence that manages and synchronizes indefinite amounts of holographic information by principles of fractal geometry in order to ever experience and express its endless mystery…

The Helical Dynamics of the Solar System


The heliocentric understanding of our solar system was revolutionary in its time and marked a step towards a broader understanding of our place in the universe. However, the idea that the planets revolve around the sun in flat elliptical circles is only an isolated part of a broader picture. In order to really appreciate the dynamics of the solar system, within the larger context of our galaxy, we must expand our view to embrace its spiral path through the galactic disc.

The Universal Space-Time Topology



In the fractal-holographic theory all spherical systems (atoms, planets, stars etc.) are centered by a black hole singularity which connects through a common plenum, the non-local vacuum medium. The universe is described as a recursive fractal of toroidal black hole systems of increasing orders of magnitude, from atom to universe, the dimensions of which are dictated by a hyperdimensional tetrahedral vacuum geometry – the 64 tetrahedron grid (for more details see: fractal-holographic universe). Each miniscule black hole-atom is converting an infinitesimally small percentage of the available vacuum energy into mass, by pulsating cycles of expansion and contraction. Its nuclei connects with all protons through the common vacuum, gaining the holographic gravitational mass equivalent to the mass of the universe, thus universal information is present holographically within every atom. Onwards, the increasing scales of the toroidal dynamics organizes matter/energy in the universe in harmonically embedded rotating tori defined by the vacuum geometry; galaxies with billions of stars, stars with dozens of planets, planets with rotating hemispheres, atoms with resonating electrons etc. The systems appear to us as atoms, bio-entities, planetary dynamics, stellar systems and vast galaxies but they are merely aspects of the cosmic vacuum singularity in motion, albeit in differentiated and localized form. This creates a picture in which the entire universe is a vast twirling fractal of black hole entities absorbing and emitting information from unique positions within the system itself.



The Galaxy

Our galaxy is itself governed by toroidal dynamics generated as space-time curls into the galactic core, dragging its vast spiral arms through space. The system is driven by the structure of space-time, which is continuously imploding towards a point of infinite density, forcing the surrounding media to spin. In much the same way as small differences in pressure and temperature drives enormous hurricanes on Earth, relative differences in the vacuum energy density across decreasing scales of the manifold drives the universal space-time torque.  The Milky Way galaxy travels through space in an enormous spiral at an approximate speed of 600 km/s, pulling along over 300 billion stars in its gravitational embrace. The same principle applies to our solar system wherein the planets spirals through space at a speed of over 70,000 km/h following the central sun, which itself possess a black hole singularity at its core. The solar system is caught in a gravitational arm emanating from the central black hole of the galaxy, and is locked in an even greater spiral orbit around the galactic heart.


The Mystic Spiral

With these universal dynamics in mind we may more accurately describe the dynamics of planet earth and the function of its inhabitants. In the fractal-holographic universe, each individual on the surface of the planetary sphere follows a unique spiral through space, which cause our unique impressions of the universe to differ from each other. We’re absorbing information about reality as we travel towards ever new and unknown horizons. Every single cell in our body is a microscopic singularity gathering and radiating information to and from the vacuum medium. Each body has its own unique sprial DNA-signature curled up within every cell, a signature evolved over billions of years of structural imprinting. Our experiences encodes directly into the space-time manifold holographically, and is made ​​available to the entire universe instantaneously through the vacuum hyper-field. People come out of other people; we’re part of a giant, living fractal stretching through space and time, gathering information about its own existence, and each being is the result of millions of years of universal memories encoded in the space-time manifold. Together we’re on an endless journey through an infinite Cosmos!



Every black hole scale resolution (e.g. atomic, planetary, stellar) can be thought of as a fractal node or hub through which all subsequent nodes are connected. The sun is connected with the galactic nucleus, the planets are connected to the sun, biological life to the planet, the cells of the body to the heart, the atoms of the cell to the vacuum itself. One can imagine a stream of information flowing from the infinite macrocosmos all the way through the minscule microcosmos and into the plenum, the common zero-point field, which in turn radiates it back out through all atoms in a feed-back loop of immense proportions. From another perspective information flows by wormholes through each black hole hub, from cell into heart, into the planet, into the sun, into the galactic core, into the universal core and on to the multiverse – instantaneously – making all imprints, all experiences, available to all reality through hyperspace. As a whole the field itself is continually adapting, innovating and self-organizing at all scales according to its new position in the cosmic fractal and each singular point of gravitation can be thought of as a being, feeding the vacuum information about reality. As such the universe may be a conscious entity experiencing itself through an eternal fractal feedback of information. Each of us represents a unique point of perspective within this fractal as we spiral through the vacuum of space.

Torus Fractal - galaxy to atom

The collective consciousness on the planet, or the total number of individual fractal information-processing nodes, are centered by the hub of the planet – the heart singularity at its core – which creates a commonality of experience between inhabitants of earth, defining parametrical frames of consenus reality within the holographic universe. In the same way, each individual body representes a microcosmic reality-bubble of its own, generated by that one individual node – our heart (and cells). In this fractal world we are all creating reality from the simulacrum of pure potential, both alone and together – and in turn reality is creating us. Each individual in the infinite hyper-mind influences the whole universe with its own expereience of the field. Zooming out from our local resolution, onto other galaxies or larger universe, we might imagine other worlds of different realities where different potentials alltogether have been realized…


The Journey of the Soul

For milliena the spiral has been venerated as the true path of the human soul. It’s position as an elemental principle of Creation is reflected in the artwork and scriptures of innumerable cultures across the world, and has been known under names such as “The Tree of Life” or “The World Serpent” and “Jacob’s Ladder”. Now we can see in a quite literal sense that our soul journey indeed follows a helical path through space and time, ever deeper into the heart of God.



“Mehen” is the oldest known board game, with roots in Egypt. These boards had a spiral track that represented the rolled-up snake and was separated into fields which were often made to resemble its scales. The center was typically fashioned as the head of the snake, and its tail ended the outside of the spiral.


Jacob's Ladder

*Jacob’s Ladder by William Blake*