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  Dear readers, as you may have noticed I’ve been off this blog for quite some time now. This work was initially a one-man project to deepen my own understanding of physics and the Fractal-Holographic Universe theory, as proposed by Nassim Haramein and many other great minds. In a way, this was really the result of an existential crisis of sorts … Read more

Consciousness and The Brain in a Fractal-Holographic Universe


The mystery of consciousness poses perhaps one of the greatest problems in the history of science. How does one quantify the inner life of a sentient being? How does physical processes in the brain translate to the immaterial richness of subjective experience? Contemporary theories in the cognitive sciences approach consciousness and brain function purely from a neurocomputational paradigm in which the brain is compared to a computer, the function of which can be … Read more

The Schwarzschild Proton


When Albert Einstein first made public his field equations describing general relativity, he had not yet found the final solution to his equations. The solution was actually discovered a few months later, by a German physicist named Karl Schwarzschild, and with his contribution a complete description of gravity as an intrinsic property of the geometrical structure of space-time was put forth. But … Read more


Universe in a cube

The foundation of the Fractal-Holographic Universe is space itself. Space is everywhere, saturating the emptiness between atoms as well as galaxies – yet measurements reveal that space is not empty, but full of energy. When calculating the energy density of the quantum vacuum, physicists find it to be teeming with intensely energetic vibrations, or vacuum fluctuations. Vacuum fluctuations are actually electromagnetic waves in an … Read more

The Quest for Quantum Gravity

quantum gravity

Einsteins field equations describes the flexible characteristics of space and time; how the very fabric space may stretch and bend in the presence of matter/energy. This flexibility of the space-time manifold is made apparent to us as the universal and familiar force of Gravitation. However, Einstein’s equations also predicts that gravity in principle may, and must, become singular, or infinite, at its point of origin within the space-time manifold, forming … Read more

The Unified Spacememory Network

Fractal-holographic being

“Since time is distance in space, time is memory on the structure of space. Without memory, there is no time. Without time, there is no memory. It then follows that the energy that we perceive as the material world must be information, or energy on the structure of space.” – Nassim Haramein We generally assume that the concept of time … Read more

The Biocrystal

Crystal virtuvian man

“The human energy field exists as an array of oscillating energy points that have a layered structure and a definite symmetry and these properties fulfill the definition of a normal crystal in material form” – Marc Vogel The human body is a universe onto itself; a vast, intricate system of incredible sensitivity and detail. It has been the subject of … Read more

The Helical Dynamics of the Solar System


The heliocentric understanding of our solar system was revolutionary in its time and marked a step towards a broader understanding of our place in the universe. However, the idea that the planets revolve around the sun in flat elliptical circles is only an isolated part of a broader picture. In order to really appreciate the dynamics of the solar system, within the larger context of … Read more

I Ching


“The natural laws are not forces external to things, but represent the harmony of movement immanent in them.“- I Ching   I Ching is one of the world’s oldest texts, dated to 1000 years BC, and it is said to have origins even further back in time. The text describes the laws of nature through the union of polarities and … Read more

Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass


“Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole. Each particle is a microcosm, and faithfully renders the likeness of the world.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~ . Haramein’s paper “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass” presents a brilliant approach to Quantum Gravity and the Holographic … Read more