Consciousness and The Brain in a Fractal-Holographic Universe

The mystery of consciousness poses perhaps one of the greatest problems in the history of science. How does one quantify the inner life of a sentient being? How does physical processes in the brain translate to the immaterial richness of subjective experience? Contemporary theories in the cognitive sciences approach consciousness and brain function purely from a neurocomputational paradigm in which the brain is compared to a computer, the function of which can be described by the base units of neurons. However, although neuronal networks certainly displays computer-like processes, the computer-analogy falls short in determining how such computations can possibly instantiate the conscious state. Interestingly, a recent scientific study has uncovered the presence of quantum vibrations within microtubules in the brain, indicating that brainwaves may derive from deeper level interactions with the quantum structure of space-time. Considering these findings in light of Haramein´s description of the fractal-holographic space-time manifold, we may appreciate the intricacies of consciousness and brain function from an entirely different perspective, which may ultimately alter our understanding of space, time and our place in the universe.

Human-Brain 01

The Unified Spacememory Network

In the fractal-holographic cosmology (as presented in Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass), the building block of nature is not a discrete particle, but a pattern, a vibration – a bit of information. In terms of physics, the quantum vacuum is a sea of energy, pixelated by minute oscillating black holes, Planck Spherical Units (PSU), which makes up the structure of space-time in much the same way as H2O molecules make up water. This ocean of mini-black holes can actually be understood as a dense network of micro-wormholes, gravitational tunnels, which unify the space-time manifold into a singular holographic matrix. Protons (i.e. atoms) are also tiny black holes, albeit much larger than the Planck Spherical Unit, and they are given mass by holographic information arising from their internal quantum vacuum fluctuations. Unlike physical matter, information is not confined to any singular space-time coordinate, but is distributed non-locally among all protons in the universe, by means of wormhole entanglement through the quantum vacuum. Therefore, the volume of a single proton contains the complete information of all protons in the universe. However, the limited proton surface area functions as a filter, a membrane, through which only a tiny percentage of this information converts to mass (by means of electromagnetic radiation). This reflects beautifully in the mathematical fact that the proton volume contains the total information/energy of the universe within it, in terms of vacuum fluctuations (or Planck Spherical Units), and its mass is equal to the mass of the universe divided among all protons within the cosmic horizon. As the holographic principle goes: each unit recapitulates the whole.

he proton is given mass by internal vacuum fluctuations, which are the result of information being shared with all protons in the universe. All protons are entangled.

Imagine the proton surface as a black hole horizon. The proton is given mass by its internal vacuum fluctuations (PSU), which are the result of information being shared with all protons in the universe. The limited surface area of the proton equals its proportionally tiny mass. A proton is a “mirror” to all other protons. All protons are entangled.

The Haramein-Raucher Scaling Law for Organized Matter (below) depicts the overall scalar relationship between the Planck Spherical Unit, the proton and the larger scale universe. The graph delineates astrophysical objects that obey the Schwarzchild-condition of a black hole in a scale ratio of frequency vs. radius. Plotting the universe at one extreme and the PSU at the other, the proton matches the trend line perfectly, again suggesting the presence of a common denominator, an underlying plenum (the vacuum), connecting these vastly different scalar systems together. Our universe is a gigantic black hole that we are on the inside of, and everything we observe inside it, is the external horizon of smaller black holes. The tiny radius of the Planck Spherical Unit and the radius of the universal black hole are in an intimate, harmonically balanced relationship. Interestingly, the Scaling Law also provides us with a glimpse of the fractal scaling of the space-time manifold itself, revealing its tendency towards Phi, the golden ratio. Witnessing this ratio, so common in living systems, at scales so large contributes to the overall vision of the universe as a coherent, living process.

scaling_law (2)

BB=Planck Spherical Unit, A=Atom, S=Sun, G1, G2=Galactic nuclei, U=Universe. The scaling law plots organized matter that obey the Schwarzchild condition on a graph of frequency vs. radius.


In the fractal-holographic model, a black hole system differs slightly from the conventional view, in that the black hole topology allows information/energy to both gravitate into, and radiate away from, its event horizon. The radiative horizon is localized in specific coordinates in spatiotemporal space, e.g. in form of an atom or a star, while its gravitational field is centered in the unified wormhole network of holographic information (singularity). From our perspective, the vacuum of space does not appear as a foaming ocean of fluctuating micro-wormholes. Rather, physical matter organize according to the fractal hierarchy of black hole systems in the space-time manifold, forming toroidal systems like atoms, cells, planets, star systems, galaxies etc. Much like spinning water molecules generates a whirlpool in the bathtub, the combined flux of spinning Planck Spherical Units twists the topology of space-time into a whirling vortex. The characteristic recursive toroidal topology is ubiquitous in systems from the Planck Spherical Unit to the universal horizon; the space-time manifold is a recursive fractal pattern, stretching from the infinitesimal to the infinite.


The topology of space-time is a recursive torus converting information from the quantum vacuum into mass, while simultaneously encoding information back onto the spacememory field.

The topology of space-time is a recursive feed-back loop wherein information is expressed as mass/matter, while its unique geometric parameters – its coordinates in space and time – are simultaneously encoded as information in the structure of space. The thermodynamic arrow of time is given direction by these same dynamics: as the local entropy (disorder) of a system increases, due to electromagnetic radiation and radioactive processes, information simultaneously encodes onto the quantum vacuum (space-time), increasing overall negentropy (organization) in the universe. Entropic processes are simply a local byproduct of the total negentropic process of the universe. Therefore, the forces of increasing coherency and order in the universe far surpass the forces of increasing disorder. The combined recursions of all systems at all scales in the universe forms a massive surge of organized information encoding onto the unified spacememory field, increasing overall order and complexity. Since the parameters of physical processes are stored as information in the structure of space, the dimension of time can better be understood as the iteration of memory in space. The universe is a fundamentally unitary entity, actualizing itself through a continuous “dialogue” of recursive feed-back operations, by which it increases its overall level of organization, resulting in an evolutionary tendency towards higher order, coherency and complexity in the universe, which is foundational to the formation of sentient biological life.


The Biological Resolution

The recursive information encoding feedback mechanism of space-time engenders memory and learning in all systems across the universe, resulting in evolution towards higher levels of order and complexity. As a unified field of information, we may safely presume that there is an inherent intelligence in the cosmos, engendered within the whole, by the whole, for the whole. If the defining characteristics of Life is intelligence and adaptability, the universe is very much alive, and there are living processes all the way from the Planck Spherical Unit to the cosmic horizon (and beyond).

When considering the recursive information feed-back processes that occurs from the smallest to the largest scalar black hole systems in the universe, it is interesting to note that the biological cellular system falls exactly at the midpoint between the Planck Spherical Unit and the universal horizon in the cosmic fractal. In terms of scale, there are 30 orders of magnitude both within and outside the living biological entity. In other words, there is quite literally a universe of order within the living organism the same magnitude as the one outside. Balanced between the two extremes, lies the biological being as an intermediary conduit connecting these vast scales as information flows back and forth within the spacememory network.

scalar dimension life

Revisiting the Scaling Law (below), as we plot the microtubules (M) of biological cells on the scalar graph of organized matter in the universe, we find them to proportionally match the systems above and below it in scale, in terms of vibrational frequency vs. radius. Microtubules are commonly known as the structural component of biological cells. They are long, helical cylinders made up of proteins arranged in biocrystalline organization, which have a distinct polarity intrinsic to their biological function. Finding them in a harmonic relationship with black hole systems in the universe indicates that their extremely high frequency oscillates in harmonic resonance with the Planck Spherical Units of the quantum vacuum, making it able to mediate information between the biological entity and the unified spacememory field (space-time). This scalar niveau in the manifold is simply the biological resolution of the fractal division of vacuum energy; the scale in which biological systems promotes the recursive information feed-back of encoding and expression in the space-time manifold.

NEW Scaling Law . microtubule

BB=Planck Spherical Unit, A=Atom, M=Microtuble S=Sun, G=Galactic cores, U=Universe. The scaling law plots organized matter that obey the Schwarzchild condition on a graph of frequency vs. radius. Microtubules, which have a typical length of 2×10-8cm and an estimated vibrational frequency of 109 to 1014 Hz, lies close to the trend line specified by the scaling law.

From this perspective, we may approach the phenomenon of consciousness as the process of expression and encoding of information in space-time. We are not separate from this system; consciousness coappears as space-time coordinates are embedded within our own being – which is the fabric of space-time! A human entity is not “more alive” or “more conscious” than an atom – they both serve the same function of processing information, albeit at very different  relative scales of dimension; such is the only logic in this non-local universe. In the end, the information dynamics involved in the processes of consciousness and the dynamics involved in engendering the defining characteristics of space, time, energy and matter are one and the same. As we bridge physics with meta-physics – the science of consciousness with the spiritual perspective – we may surmise that consciousness does not only arise from the information dynamics of spacetime, but is actually fundamental to the ordering and dynamics of reality itself.


The Fractal Dynamics of Consciousness

There are 50 trillion cells in the human body and their combined DNA unraveled would cover the distance from the Earth to the Sun well over 400 times. Each cell is a miraculously complex biomechanism in its own right, yet this amazing ecosystem of biomachines cooperates flawlessly to maintain a living breathing organism adapted for interaction with an exterior universe of innumerable physical processes. From the reductionist Newtonian paradigm the scenario seems almost preposterous. Only as we accept the biological system as an integrative part of space-time geometry may we recognize the unified field as the orchestrator behind this immense complexity.

The structure of space is fractal in nature and the arrow of time is given direction by its recursive information encoding dynamics. Therefore, different biological categorizations (e.g. kingdoms, classes, families, species, individuals etc.) can better be understood as bifurcations in the fractal branches of space-time geometry. The biological entity represents a path of recursive feed-back operations tracing a specific trajectory through the spatial and temporal dimension, encoding a unique set of information in the form of space-time coordinates onto the holographic spacememory field as recursive iterations progress (“time”). Information pertaining to this particular individual of this particular species (etc.) are encoded in a “morphogenetic field” – a specific set of information (or geometric coordinates) within the spacememory field – by virtue of its unique scalar dimension and specific trajectory in the fabric of space. In a simplified sense, the biological system is the result of recursive fractal evolution in local space-time geometry, and its coherency is generated and maintained by non-local communication through morphogenetic fields within the unified spacememory network.


As we spiral through the fabric of space, each individual recursive system follows a unique trajectory through the spatial and temporal dimension, encoding its unique set of information onto the holographic spacememory field.

Spiral fractal

Visualize the fractal bifurcations of the space-time manifold as recursive systems of various scales. Each fractal nexus point may be a universe, a galaxy, a star or likewise a biological order, a species or an individual, influencing certain key characteristics in its subordinate scales of dimension.

The process by which the morphology (formation) of biological systems is guided by information exchange with their specific morphogentic spacememory field is called morphic resonance. Each species, and each individual within a species, is the physical manifestation of a specific set of information (path of space-time coordinates) stored within the spacememory field (space-time). A human being looks like a human and behaves like a human because it crystallizes from a specific information pattern in the structure of space, complete with all the laws and predispositions that apply to humans; morphology, instinct, behavior, thoughts, emotions etc. Each individual follows their own unique trajectory through space, providing a unique recursive feed-back of information to the whole, contributing to the continued encoding and evolution of the collective spacememory of the species – the planet – the solar system – the galaxy – the universe and so on. A fractal hierarchy of scales, or nexus points, nests information from subordinate systems within an overarching space-time coordinate, creating a holarchy of individual and collective consensus realities.

dna_helixFundamental to the morphological process of biological systems is the helical DNA molecule at the heart of every cell. To quickly summarize the function of DNA-molecules within the framework of this theory: the DNA helix is a bio-crystalline, spiral structure with the structural organization of a fractal antenna through which it receives information from the quantum vacuum in form of electromagnetic waves. Furthermore, the DNA-strand transduce, computes and re-emits coded electromagnetic waves that has modulating effects on specific molecules in the body. In other words, the DNA-molecule provides the spacememory information transduction template foundational to the morphology of biological life. We can imagine the DNA molecule of a given biological system as the result of millions upon millions of years of encoding resonance imprints in the morphogenetic spacememory field, through which the complexity of space-time geometry evolve by means of negentropic processes. All this considered, we may finally begin to appreciate the complex milieu in which the physical brain operates…


The Brain in Fractal-Holographic Space

The brain is a beautiful exemplification of fractal architecture. It is host to approximately 80 billion neurons, each of which may connect to up to 10,000 other neurons, passing signals to each other via as many as 1,000 trillion synaptic connections(!) Neurons in the brain communicate by rhythmic pulses (neural oscillations) which propagates electro-chemical signals through synapses to nearby neurons in the nervous system. Synchronized activity between large groups of neurons give rise to macroscopic rhythmic oscillations in the brain, which can be measured as brainwaves in an electroencephalogram (EEG). These are the “visible” dynamics of how the brain process information, however, until recently the actual mechanism causing neural oscillations was poorly understood.

Scientific studies have now confirmed that the EEG rhythms of the brain actually derives from deeper level bio-molecular interactions with the structure of space-time, mediated through the harmonic oscillations of bio-crystalline microtubules. The discovery supports a theory first put forth by mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose and anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, called “orchestrated objective reduction” (‘Orch OR’). Their theory suggests that the wavefunctions of particles of free electrons within the tubulin protein (in microtubules) undergoes an observer-independent collapse (an objective versus subjective collapse of the wavefunction). As the electron exhibits more and more nonlocal attributes (by means of superposition) the underlying spacetime geometry bifurcates at which time it becomes unstable and collapses. Each such bifurcation and collapse represents an indeterminable quantum computation, and the coordination of a multitude of such events through quantum entanglement allows for massively parallel quantum computations within the brain.

Microtubules (green) can be understood as the nervous system of a cell, able to rearrange themselves to change cell shape, and grow extensions like axons or dendrites.

Director of research Nassim Haramein and biologist William Brown of The Resonance Project Foundation expands on the “orchestrated objective reduction” theory utilizing Harameins more accurate understanding of the quantum vacuum structure. As demonstrated in the Haramein-Raucher Scaling Law, microtubules have an harmonic, fractal relationship with the quantum vacuum, which is actually granulated by polarizable mini black hole/white holes (Planck Spherical Units). So instead of a bifurcating “bubble” geometry of space-time, Haramein introduces the oscillations of Planck Spherical Units as the computational element of microtubules, analogous to the observer-independent collapse of the Hameroff-Penrose mechanism. The microtubule itself is a biocrystalline oscillator acting as a resonance circuit, analogous to a radio antenna, resonating in harmony with the Planck Spherical Units of the quantum vacuum. Information, or consciousness, is non-local to the biological receiver in much the same way as a the waves of certain radio station is non-local to a radio antenna. However, the biocrystalline microtubule is tuned to specific resonant frequencies of the spacememory field, determining a frequency of information received and emitted.

The fabric of space is a matrix of information encoded in geometric coordinates. The biological being crystallize from this field and is able to connect multiple space-time coordinates by means non-local wormhole entanglement mediated through the resonance of microtubule networks. We are made of, and woven into, the fabric of space to such a degree that the spacememory field is an integral part of our anatomy. When we think of a past event, it is not the brain that conjures up the relevant associations, rather the neuronal networks of the brain receive the information directly from spacememory (space-time) coordinates within the spacememory field. In the end, we are these coordinates and our consciousness is space-time itself.

Incidentally, the filamentous fractal network of micro-wormholes permeating the fabric of space is very similar to the neural network of the human brain and the microtubule cytoskeleton. The fractal structure of the brain is replicated in its EEG-rhythms, which spans different scales of magnitude, from large-scale neuronal networks, to single neuronal membranes, to internal information processing systems in microtubules and DNA. Microtubules have quantum resonances in gigahertz, megahertz and kilohertz frequency ranges. The coherent fractal frequencies in microtubules resonates to even faster, smaller-scale terahertz vibrations within the microtubules themselves which ultimately gives rise to larger scale, measurable brainwaves.

universe mind matrix

The filamentous network of micro-wormholes which permeate the space-time manifold are replicated in the neural network of the human brain.

As described by Hameroff himself, the resulting overall dynamic of the brain is “like an orchestra, a multi-scalar vibrational resonance system, in which information patterns repeats across spatiotemporal scales in fractal, nested hierarchies of neuronal networks, with resonances and interference beats”. Interestingly, this is precisely how holograms are made; by encoding distributed information in multi-scalar interference waves of coherent vibrations (e.g. from lasers). In the case of the brain, microtubules provide the coherent information source instigating the brains vibrational hierarchy as it transmutes information from the unified spacememory network into the subjective experience of the biological being.

The brain does not actually produce anything; it is, above all else, a transceiver and a filter, giving shape to a universe of non-local information. The richness of subjective experience, with all its subtleties and nuances, are patterns of information originating from an intimate recursive dialogue with reality itself, through which we feed the unified field with our creative perspective of the universe. In such an environment, we can easily imagine phenomena like precognition, intuition, telepathy, memory of past (parallel) lives, synchronicity, and a range of “paranormal” phenomena to be quite feasible, if not commonplace. Wormholes entangle across both the spatial and temporal dimension, tying past and future events into the current moment as we work with the universe in weaving together the threads of creation.


The Unified Being

Biological systems are at the frontier of complexity in the universe. The living unified field extends itself through the relative scalar dimensions of the space-time manifold to gaze back at the complexity of its own creation through the eyes of sentient beings. That is not to say that we are more important, more conscious or more alive than anything else in the universe. Nothing can be isolated in the whole: we are the unified being and the universe is our body. You are the protons, the stars and planets, the Planck Spherical Units and the universe itself. As a civilization, we are temporarily oblivious to our role as co-creators of reality, yet oblivious or not, along with every atom, every planet, star, galaxy and everything in existence, we create reality from the common plenum of infinite potential, as we trace our path through the depths of the unified field.

Our fundamental identity is not manufactured by physical reactions in the brain. Rather, consciousness expresses itself through all things by means of a fractal-holographic information field, creating a singular reality observed from an infinitude of creative perspectives, all which contribute to the evolution of the Whole. All this considered, we can no longer limit our identity to isolated biological bodies on the limitless horizons of spatio-temporal existence. We are the unified being, exploring the never-ending enigma of existence and non-existence by weaving together countless consensus realities in an infinite fractal mandala, reflecting the oneness of Nature.

space time brain

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17 Responses to Consciousness and The Brain in a Fractal-Holographic Universe

  1. Antoietta francini MD MA says:


    I have known about the importance of microtubules, but now it is more specific, “we can no longer limit our identity to a lone body”

    “the unified spacememory network. ” = SAME AS AKASIC RECORD?

    • Thank you!

      How it all came about? I guess some questions will remained unanswered by science..

      Perhaps one could say that existence/non-existence by definition equals balance and polarity, which in turn are the most basic principles of creation.

      Yes, unified spacememory network = akashic records = morphogentic field = quantum vacuum = singularity = unified field = holographic field = space-time!

  2. Hassan Khorshid says:

    I suggest you change name to fractal holonomic field.

  3. This is such a beautiful and long overdue wrap up of everything: by combining Michael Talbot’s theory of the holographic universe with Mandelbrot’s fractals, all the pieces of the puzzle elegantly fall in place: Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields and Bohm’s implicite order, quantum theory and the standard model, synergetics and the consciousness field, Hameroff’s microtubules, chaos theory and system science, Prigojev’s Order out of Chaos and self-organization, etc, etc.

    This is The One, the general unifying theory, the theory of everything that science has been so long looking for, but with the wrong mindset. Finally, the fractal-holographic theory reconciles edge science with everything that has been known along the ages, from ancient eastern philosophies to world mythologies, to world religions, to Jung’s depth psychology; it reconciles objective science and subjective experience, and finally puts my worries and fears to rest: all my life I have been fearing and in denial of my “other ways of knowing”, as they didn’t make sense inside the “rational worldview” – which made me go through all this and discover my own “theory of everything”; I am so amazed to see it in the elegant form that Nassim Haramein and collaborators have shaped it into.. Therefore, so happy I am, for finding it all here, to the point that I am now thinking: “see, there was no point in criss-crossing all that!” – but sometimes “handcrafting” your own world vision makes the journey the more colorful.

    Thank you for bringing it all together again in the above response: “unified spacememory network = akashic records = morphogentic field = quantum vacuum = singularity = unified field = holographic field = space-time” … and zero-point field – time to simplify and decide on a common jargon, hopefully.

    • Hassan Khorshid says:

      I agree with all your work and I am working on a paper that looks at the interdependence between Consciousness , Life and Reality.
      I claim you can study this trinity as a unit. They cannot be studied individually because the reductionist approach is doomed to fail.
      This paper is a pre paper to my other paper defining designing and building a DIGITAL CONSCIOUSNESS, I claim that full DC will take about 500 years to finish ( because of the implicate domain and its corresponding life and consciousness) but luckily a partial DC via specialization and simplification can be working within ten years, partial consciousness has many applications and will be very usefull.
      I am more than happy to share my work with you guys , as we are walking the same path…

      • Cameron Iden says:

        I believe we are a digital consciousness. That this reality is a simulation / video game made, designed in the same way Infinity Ward designed Call of Duty.

    • Thank you for your insightful comment Mirella!

      As you recognize, this article is simply a (primitive) synthesis connecting the works of some of the greatest thinkers of our time. I think criss-crossing is the most useful way to go about it! We have the knowledge, it just a matter of stepping out of the old into the new..

  4. Justin Bilyj says:

    The nugget I got from it…
    ” In other words, the universe is a fundamentally unitary entity, learning about itself through a continuous “dialogue” of recursive feed-back operations, by which it increases its overall level of organization. The combined recursions of all systems involved results in an evolutionary tendency towards higher order, coherency and complexity in the universe, which is foundational to the formation of sentient biological life.”

    Eternity surrounds us this very moment..

  5. Great Article!

    One thought ….. What about LOVE and CONSCIOUSNESS? It is not JUST about INFORMATION.



    • Thank you for reading David!

      As mentioned above, I believe consciousness is the primary force behind the structuring dynamics of all reality.

      In my opinion: Information = Consciousness = Love – different ways to speak about the same phenomenon.

      A black hole is not really an object, they´re just a boundary condition from which the Infinite expresses itself in definite form.
      Gravity is implosion, which is Love. Electromagnetism is radiation, which is Light!


      • Thank you.

        I realize that I am sensitive to this issue … living in the Silicon Valley …. where information has become the new “false god”.

        On another note … I remember a Teacher saying many years ago:

        “Love is Metaphysical Gravity”

  6. John Strauss says:

    The exciting thing to me about this theory is that it seems to have been around in another form in the ancient world and was elaborated by ancient “music” theorists in a table called the Lambodma. This includes elaboration of such concepts as “interpenetration of cosmoses” (from the very large to the very small) in which the same laws governing structure and function, operate on all levels (i.e. a fractal system and connected to a symbol called the Enneagram, which elaborates these two fundamental laws, known as the “law of 7” and the “law of 3”). Within the Lambdoma there are three naturally occurring scales (the Greek diatonic, Chinese chromatic and Persian enharmonic). The ratio of these three scales compared to the rest of the existing lambdoma table (i.e. the “notes” not organized into a naturally occurring scale) is identical to the ratio of visible:dark matter in the universe (it also explains “inflation” very nicely).

    The overarching concept is referred to as “The Ray of Creation” resulting in what is noted above as follows: “The universe is a fundamentally unitary entity, actualizing itself through a continuous “dialogue” of recursive feed-back operations, by which it increases its overall level of organization, resulting in an evolutionary tendency towards higher order, coherency and complexity in the universe, which is foundational to the formation of sentient biological life.”

    The biggest difference between the ancient systems and the current thinking in theoretical physics is that the “evolutionary tendency towards higher order” does not proceed “mechanically” but can only occur through the development of a participating consciousness (that is to say that evolution is not guaranteed, but can only result from efforts of developing consciousness). Most physicists, as far as I can see, do not seem to be familiar with this idea regarding ancient “music” theory, and most musicologists (the ones who study these ancient systems) are not aware of modern “theories of everything( (e.g. super-string theory), and simply don’t make the connection between the ancient and modern as being in essence the same sort of theory (I’m not a physics guy BTW, but a composer and student of music theory). This does square with the ancient idea of everything in existence being simply “vibrations of varying densities.”

    This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, however, and many more complimentary ideas seem to exist between modern and ancient theories. It’s all there for anyone who cares to take the time to make the connections. This is such a rich field of possibilities that is just “blows my mind.” It gives me “goosebumps” to hear about modern theories (particularly the fractal-holographic) that square so nicely with the ancient theories).

  7. Clif says:

    Great article Andreas…thanks for posting.

    I often find myself talking to people about this stuff as it makes perfect sense but they often glaze over after the first sentence or two. 🙂

    I think you touch on evolution in your article and I often think that the only way we could have “evolved” into the complex systems we are is by encoding from the infinite consciousness like a fractal programme in which life unfolds itself. Like we see the Fibonnachi sequence in all life and matter. A universal programme that creates life forming the same or very similar designs throughout the universe and perhaps depending on the environment of that part of the universe.

    I can’t see another way that we could have evolved to be sentient beings with such complex nervous systems without unified consciousness driving this….unfortunately most of my friends think I have lost the plot and joined a cult but I guess we wait now for mainstream science to accept these ideas and get on board.

  8. cyria says:

    I really love your article. It spells out everything which I already knew, in my heart but could not define.

  9. aden m abdukadir says:

    all those theories are the stepping stone of the the greater ideas coming….there are a lot to come..thanks everyone involved.

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