I Ching

The natural laws are not forces external to things,
but represent the harmony of movement immanent in them.“- I Ching



I Ching is one of the world’s oldest texts, dated to 1000 years BC, and it is said to have origins even further back in time. The text describes the laws of nature through the union of polarities and its diagram consists of 64 hexagrams representing various points of balance between Yin and Yang – negative and positive energy. When we put all opposing polarized hexagrams together they form the lines of a 64 and a 512-tetrahedral matrix, which is the necessary geometry to describe the perfect balance and fractal recursion of space-time. The fact that the diagram depicts two iterations of the fractal – 64 and 512 tetrahedrons – is no coincidence. As we have seen in the Fractal-Holographic Universe it is precisely this difference of vector density in the vacuum geometry which is the source of the universal torque, centrifugal forces and thus visible manifestation. The density of vectors required to form symmetrical stability of the infinite vacuum energy steadily increases towards higher density as we move into deeper resolutions of the fractal. This creates relative gradients of energy density, from infinitely dense to infinitely un-dense, and it is precicely these differences that drives space-time torque at all levels, from atom to universe, in the same way that small differences in pressure and temperature in the weather systems on earth drives enormous hurricanes.

Fractal tetrahedra

The hexgrams of the I Ching depicts a three-dimensional fractal tetraedral array with two recursive iterations from 64 to 512 tetrahedron-tetrahedron. This is nature’s geometry. The difference in vector density is the source of rotation.

I this manner a continuously imploding fractalized space-time creates universal torque and organizes matter/energy in harmonically embedded rotating tori; galaxies with billions of stars, stars with dozens of planets, planets with rotating hemispheres etc. The systems  appear to us as atoms, bio-entities, stellar systems and vast galaxies but they are merely aspects of the same cosmic vacuum singularity albeit in differentiated and localized form.

Galaxy rotation torque

Galaxy’s rotation is driven by a central singularity – the torque applied by the spacetime increasing density towards the infinitesimal.


Yin Yang

In the center of the I Ching diagram we find the Yin Yang, which represents the system’s inherent rotation and dynamic balance – energy in motion. The symbol resembles a torus viewed from above and, as we have seen, the manifest world may be understood to arise solely due to this spin. Without fundamental space-time spin there would be no form; spin collapses the symmetry of the vacuum and creates pulsating cycles of expansion and implosion, it differentiates and defines the energy potential of the vacuum and creates all perceivable phenomena.


As a whole, we see in the I Ching a perfect depiction of a unified field theory over three thousand years old, which includes the description of absolute energy, dynamical energy and how interactions between the two creates universal spin resulting in all manifestation!


See video:

Provided by The Resonance Project



The  I Ching depicts the 64 tetrahedral array:


Heaven and earth interacting is tranquility.” – I Ching


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2 Responses to I Ching

  1. Dr.B. says:

    Holy Cow! this is FANTASTIC. What we need now is someone with the Universal Clarity to decipher the 64 Hexagrams so we know what they mean. Any ideas?

    • HystericalBen says:

      “Mean” in which sense? I am fairly uneducated, in all senses of the word, but there appears to me to be relativistic quality inherent in the systematization that creates a contingent necessity. The fractal nature of this system can be applied to most any concept, but is dependent on a context with which to generate discernment. The binary nature of its initial polarized dynamics, standing as its base/center, exists along a spectrum (perhaps ever continuum?) wherein the extremes are more like directions than locations– so to speak.

      Random example: Tall= Yang & Short= Yin. Bill is 6’11” which can be considered neither Yang, nor Yin in isolation. George is 7’3″ and John is 6’7″, and so Bill’s Yang/Yin nature would be differ in relationship to each of these men.

      The “reality” can only be understood uniquely within the context used to extrapolate a particular understanding, changing with each case. (Alone, singular comparison, dual comparisons, within a population, within all populations, all populations from the”begging” of time, through all times till time’s “end,” through all potential dimension’s times.)

      However, Wushi being 0 and taichi being 1 isn’t how I would necessarily quantify the concepts. Its fractal nature would imply that each (for lack of a better term) equation within, between, and as an accumulation of Ye-Jing’s layers always equals 1.

      So then maybe…:
      wushi= 0, infinity, and 1, tachi= 2, 3 (solid line plus, broken line = 1 big line + 2 smaller lines = 3 lines,) and 1 the third ring= 4, 8, 12, and 1. 4th ring = 8, 24, 36, and 1. Etc.

      I really, and truly, deeply don’t know. It is a system of perceptive-conceptualization that always provides new insight and discovery after, and throughout, an entire lifetime of study. I concede that I may just be nuts. (But with sane being yang and insane being yin, even that is relative I suppose….)

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