The Fractal-Holographic Universe

Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass

A brief description of Haramein's recent paper on the holographic origins of mass and Gravity at the quantum level.

The Unified Spacememory Network

How does life and consciousness emerge from the unified field?

The Brain in Fractal-Holographic Space

The mystery of consciousness poses perhaps one of the greatest scientific challenges in the history of empirical research. How does one quantify the inner life of a sentient being? How does physical processes in the brain translate to the immaterial richness of subjective experience?

The Singularity of the Heart

The Eastern spiritual traditions have always emphasized the core importance of the Heart in relation to the human soul, consciousness and God. The seat of the Self, they say, resides within the Heart and from this center the whole world arise. Can our heart be understood as a Singulairty?


The human body is a universe onto itself; a vast, intricate system of incredible sensitivity and detail. It has been the subject of wonder, philosophy and scientific study for centuries, yet its most elemental design is still shrouded in mystery. What is the relation of biological life to the Cosmos - to the fabric of space and time itself?